lovin life gifts


Lovin’ Life Gifts is all about embracing the day and celebrating simple joys that make us smile and appreciate our precious time here on Earth.

We have to work, to earn, for our families and those we care for but it’s necessary to take a little time each day to just be ourselves and appreciate that while we may not be having an easy time of it, we’re grateful to still be here and have a fighting chance to work through our adversities and challenges.

They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That may be true but it can also leave deep, ugly scars. Scars we learn to carry with us like merit badges of survival. A lot of what you’ll find here at Lovin’ Life Gifts is about reminding you to take a moment to discover the humor or joy that you can reflect on to find a deeper path of appreciation for the life we’ve been given, no matter how many lessons have been put before us to learn.

Thanks for  taking a minute to browse through our store. If you find something, awesome. If not, that’s okay, too. Don’t worry, we’ll still love you.

Just remember to push through the tough times, embrace your friends and family like you’ll never see them again, and take a minute each day to Love Life. The gifts you’ll receive from those minutes and those beautiful people are priceless.

lovin life gifts